The objective to the IWC Evangelism Team is to carry out the IWC mission statement of winning the lost and the hurting through evangelism.

Team Operation

The Evangelism Team currently meets twice each month. The meetings alternate with business discussions and evangelistic training on alternate weeks. The business discussions are aimed at planning and working the details of the various evangelistic and outreach events. Each event has a team member designated as the “Leader” who is the point person for overseeing the event and making sure all details are carried out. The events and outreach ideals are not only derived from the planning team but may come from church members. In this case the evangelistic team works with the individuals to champion their ideal and give support to make the events or outreach opportunities successful. An evangelism team member is also assigned as a “Lead” contact to work alongside of individuals to make sure information is effectively communicated for the events, and to assure the event get proper support from the team for its success. The team will continue to engage the entire church body in all events as we endeavor to have all IWC members active in winning the lost.